6/12/MMXI - Welcome to the Great Onion Knighthood. I am your host, Lord Councilor Atheme Tethen.

We have recently completed the third novel in our Daemon's Song trilogy, Magus. This is a pretty big thing for us, as we have been working on this trilogy, in some fashion or another, for 12 years now. It's still a little on the rough side, as we're still doing editing and continuity checks, but the major text is complete, and we're ready for a break. Just kidding! We have plenty more in store, and have no intention of stopping or turning away from our world. The Knights we've grown accustomed to are done with their major work, but I've got a bevy of short stories to write about their lives and adventures. As far as more novel work, AD and I have laid the groundwork for our next novel, which will return us to one of our world's most important historical events - the War of the First Jihad. We're going to try a different approach to this novel than with our previous ones, so it should be pretty interesting. In the mean time, please check out our works on the Amazon Kindle marketplace, and head over to the forums here to post comments or corrections! We'd like to thank all the readers from our forums who have provided corrections, reviews, and support along the way. We either couldn't have or wouldn't have done it with out you guys!

Speaking of, we now have shiny new forums. While we hope this will one day be a place of discussion for anything and everything related to the Great Onion Knighthood, it is currently a relaxed social gathering. Feel free to join and discuss whatever topic pleases you. We have specialized sections for the Onion Knights, video games, and general social discourse. As we get more users, we might add more sections. Signup is quick and painless, and we now use a unified login for both our main site and our forums.

For newcomers to the site, this is a repository of information related to our novels, the Daemon's Song trilogy. We've tried to cover a wide variety of topics related to all aspects of the Knighthood, so there should be plenty of interesting material to see. Sadly, most of the information is related to Daemon's Song - Felthespar with Arkalen and Magus being fairly under-represented. Don't worry, we intend to fix that soon. As always, if there's anything you want to see, just visit our forums and make a request. We'll comply as soon as we're able.

One of our more amazing side projects is OKP, or the Onion Knight Project. Using an amazing program called FFHackster, as well as the programming and hex altering skills of Abaddon Daemon and Cyprus Galahe, we gutted Final Fantasy I and remade it in the Onion Knight's image. Play as any of 6 Grand Councilors or their clones in a quest to defeat the Elemental Fiends and prevent the revival of the Dark God Chaos. Featuring graphics ripped from other Final Fantasys (or occasionally customized) and all new enemies, maps, and treasure allocations, the game plays completely differently than the first FF. If you have an NES emulator, give it a run!

This isn't the end of the work being done on the site. Hopefully over the next few weeks, it'll be updated with new content, more information, and generally more awesome Onion Knightness. Please be patient, as we're busy people, but we're working at it.

I'm not afraid of what I am, but of what I could be.

Peco battle animation provided courtesy of NeoAtma. Peco is copyright Capcom (please don't sue us.)

Lord Councilor Atheme Tethen
Knight of the Heavens